Essential Community Solutions // Branding



Megan Taggart, Tatiana Biddle, Matilda Moylan-Blake, Luxi Zhang and Kathleen Pereira.


Web Design
Brand Identity
Social Media Design



ECS’s is a Not-For Profit organisation who wanted to branch out from their Essential Community Solutions origins in the Sydney suburb of Engadine. They wanted to appear more professional and cohesive throughout their image.


Design Solution

The design theme for this brand was the idea of tangrams. We found the Essential Community Solutions idea of building things from nothing to be one of the fundamental aims of ECS as an organisation. Each sector of ECS has been given a tangram shape to represent its role in this complex charity. Not only did we design the print collateral for this Not-For-Profit, but we also designed all of the social media marketing and merchandise material. All were used as part of our strategy to raise awareness and to raise funds for such a brilliant organisation.