K&L Gates Digital Production Projects


Workplace Giving Month


Task: to create an animated video explaining K&L Gates' new Workplace Giving Initiative. Workplace giving is a way that employees can donate to charities fortnightly through their pay. K&L Gates wanted to refresh the concept and encourage more people to get involved.

Solution: (Stage 1) Our team brainstormed different ways we could get more people interested and invested in this program. We discovered that most people don't opt for this initiative when joining the firm because they have their own emotion attachment to other charities not listed as recipients of the funds. Our solution was to allow each office in Australia to choose one charity for the firm's recipient list (6 in total) to be decided by vote. This will give people the ability to champion those charities they are passionate about. So 4 lucky charities, decided by the people, will receive donations from K&L Gates for three years! That’s something worth getting behind.

(Stage 2) The second part of this solution was to create an animated video that simply explained the concept and got people excited about getting involved. Visually, the video needed to be diverse, inclusive and adhere to K&L Gates brand guidelines. We decided to keep the comms simple to let the video speak for itself.


Video Animation


Sharmini Bowers
Josh Schostakowski


Legal Secretary Recruitment Campaign


Top 5 Tips EDM Series


EDM Design
Direct Marketing Strategy


Task: to create an EDM product that could be sent out monthly to a distribution list on behalf of the labour, employment and workplace safety practice group at K&L Gates. The concept was based around a monthly topic where an experienced legal professional would share their top 5 tips for… [Insert said topic here]. This would offer the client some useful information that would be of interest to them as well as acting as a point of contact should they want to get in touch to find out more.


Josh Schostakowski (copywriter)


Grow your Career - Grad Recruitment Series


Business Bytes Video Series

Business Bytes Video Series: Domestic Violence in the Workplace. 

As part of K&L Gates' new Business Bytes video series, Sydney partner, Christa Lenard, discusses the impact domestic violence has on the workplace.