Liberty Industrial Conference Kiosk App


UI design
App creation (non-public)
Art direction


We were tasked with designing and developing a kiosk app that would run at a national land remediation conference. The app needed to be an interactive way to inform users of the work that Liberty Industrial does nationally and encourage them to sign up to the company's mailing list. 


Stephanie Fox 


Target market: Conference attendees

We experimented a few times with landing pages to try and attract people passing by. Our research told us that more people interact with images that depict people so we went with that approach. (I think the bright high vis jacket also helped)

I used a hidden footer menu to really highlight the sign up function.


Application site map


I created created wireframes, prototypes and many mock ups for the app. We used a 'connect with us' approach to measure our success through how many people subscribed to our mailing list and and each video measured how many times it was played to show us specifically which projects people were engaging with.