Lotsearch Brand & Web Design


I was asked to create a new logo and brand identity for Lotsearch, a spatial intelligence and risk assessment company. They needed a new website to enhance there online presence and encourage more clients to use their product. 


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Brand Design
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old website

I collaborated with the business owners to research what was not working with their old website (pictured right) and how we can improve not only the visual appeal of the site but also the usability. 

After some deliberation we came up with the most important things that needed addressing: 

- No clear menu's or navigation
- Too much paragraph text. 
- brand identity and visual appeal
- No obvious user flow or process for ordering

Some other questions to ask were; What do WE want people to do when they access the site? and what do THEY want to achieve if they access the site? Do they want more information or do the just want to be able to order as easily/quickly as possible? 


After doing some research we found out that a large proportion of people visiting the site are existing customers who already know what they require. For this reason we added a pinned navigation bar with the 'order now' and 'request quote' functions clearly identified so that these are accessible no matter where you are on the site.

We also significantly reduced the amount of information about the company  that was unnecessary such as listing the entire team and replaced it with current and relevant industry insights.







I also provided standard stationary sets as well as social media materials and some promotional posts for linkedin to promote the new site.